What Are Society - What Are Societys Component Parts? What...

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What Are Society’s Component Parts? What are core parts of our social structure? The first and most important unit of measure in sociology is the Group, which is a set of two or more people who share common identity, interact regularly, and have shared expectations (roles), and function in their mutually agreed upon roles. Most people use the word, “group” differently from the sociological use. Non sociologists also use “group” differently from sociologists. They say group even if the cluster of people they are referring to don’t even know each other (like 6 people standing at the same bus stop). Sociologists use Aggregates, or the number of people in the same place at the same time. So people in the same movie theater, people at the same bus stop, and even people at a university football game are considered in aggregates, not groups. The sociologists discuss categories. A Category is a number of people who share common characteristics. Brown-eyed people, people who wear hats, and people who vote independent are categories—they don’t necessarily share the same space, nor do they have shared expectations. Figure 1. Photo of the Semi-Annual UVU Behavioral Science Poster Symposium
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What Are Society - What Are Societys Component Parts? What...

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