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What Can You Do To Succeed

What Can You Do To Succeed - What Can You Do To Succeed As...

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What Can You Do To Succeed? As we get closure on the discussion of education we have to focus on the personal level efforts you make toward graduation. Please note there is a Study Skills and Stuff chapter for you online with this textbook. It has guidelines for helping you increase your own odds of graduating college with a 4-year degree. These guidelines should be helpful in addition to that chapter: 1. See your academic advisor 2. Pick a major as soon as possible and set specific goals to graduate 3. Attend all classes most of the time 4. Ask any question you have (even if it sounds dumb because this is your education and you pay for it which allows you to ask questions) 5. Learn to love: learning, gaining new information, and insights 6. Visit all your professors during their office hours and get to know how they succeeded in college 7. Go to on and off-campus events 8. Make a good friend 9. Volunteer and do something good for others and tell your parents what you did 10. Manage your time, and money as though it were priceless The Economy In Society We’ve spoken about how important education is to you and your career and even how important it is to our national economy. Let’s discuss a few concepts about the economy. Economy is a system of producing and distributing goods and services and can be local, state, national, international, and global. There are various types of economic systems in today’s global marketplace. Capitalism is an economy based on the amount of goods and services produced in a
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