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Why Are Groups Crucial to Society

Why Are Groups Crucial to Society - Why Are Groups Crucial...

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Why Are Groups Crucial to Society? Groups come in varying sizes—Dyads are a group of two people and Triads are a group of three people. The number of people in a group plays an important structural role in the nature of the group’s functioning. Dyads are the simplest groups because 2 people have only 1 relationship between them. Triads have three relationships. A group of 4 has 6 relationships; 5 has 10; 6 has 15; 7 has 21; and one of my students from Brazil has 10 brothers and sisters and she counts 91 relationships just in her immediate family (not counting the brothers and sisters in law). When triads form it looks much like a triangle and these typically take much more energy than dyads. A newly married couple experience great freedoms and opportunities to nurture their marital relationship. A triad forms when their first child is born, they experience a tremendous incursion upon their marital relationship from the child and the care demanded by the child—As Bill Cosby Said in his book “Fatherhood” “Children by their very nature are designed to ruin your marriage (see 1987, Doubleday Publisher, NY).” Two of my Introduction to Sociology students told me a true story about how they were BFF’s
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