Why So Much Racism

Why So Much Racism - Why So Much Racism You may have...

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Why So Much Racism? You may have already noticed that even though science has established that race is not biologically based, the US Census Bureau continues to use the racial categories. Why? Most scientists will tell you that if people perceive something as being real then it becomes real in its consequences (Thomas Theorem). Race being based on biology is so intricately connected to all the subtle nuances of everyday life that the average person makes no distinction or effort at understanding. Most people simply believe it to be real. The Constitutional mandate to take a census of the US population so that the people are represented by Congress requires a count of people and their self-reported racial classification. Few argue that we should eliminate the race- biology construct, because it is still very important to the average person. Figure 2. US Census Bureau Population Estimates By Race for 2000 and 2050* Coming back to the genetics question, there is no single gene that identifies if one is African American, White, Asian, Native American, or Hispanic. One Genetics company, AncestrybyDNA has created a precise test which can give you between an 80-95 percent accurate estimate of the geographic origins of your ancestors (see http://www.ancestrybydna.com/welcome/home/index.php ). Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, and other celebrities have purchased the test (roughly about $400 and is not covered by medical insurance). After reading about Oprah’s test in a magazine, I saved my money, asked my extended family to pitch in, and bought this test for my birthday (I know I’m a
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Why So Much Racism - Why So Much Racism You may have...

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