amoebocytes - amoebocytes Amoeboid cells in sponges that...

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amoebocytes Amoeboid cells in sponges that occur in the matrix between the epidermal and collar cells. They transport nutrients. amphibians Class of terrestrial vertebrates which lay their eggs (and also mate) in water but live on land as adults following a juvenile stage where they live in water and breathe through gills. Amphibians were the first group of land vertebrates; today they are mostly restricted to moist habitats. anabolic reactions Reactions in cells in which new chemical bonds are formed and new molecules are made; generally require energy, involve reduction , and lead to an increase in atomic order. anaerobic Refers to organisms that are not dependent on oxygen for respiration . analogous structures Body parts that serve the same function in different organisms, but differ in structure and embryological development; e. g., the wings of insects and birds. anaphase Phase of mitosis in which the chromosomes begin to separate. PICTURE anaphylactic shock See anaphylaxis.
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