Anaemia Normocytic anaemia

Anaemia Normocytic anaemia - o Platelet count(infection...

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Anaemia Normocytic anaemia Normocytic anemia occurs when the overall hemoglobin levels are always decreased, but the red blood cell size (Mean corpuscular volume) remains normal. Causes include: Acute blood loss Anemia of chronic disease Aplastic anemia (bone marrow failure) Hemolytic anemia Investigations: Haematinic status o FBC (HB) o Iron o ferretin o vitamin B12 o folate Blood film o often diagnostic in haematological and systemic conditions Blood Count (WBC, platelets) o neutrophils (eg. In infection, underlying chronic inflamatory disease)
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Unformatted text preview: o Platelet count (infection, malignancy, bleeding) • Other o Bone marrow examination o liver & renal biochemistry o Markers of inflamation (ESR, CRP) o Thyroid markers (hypothyroidism is associated with anaemia) o Blood cultures (if sepsis suspected) Management: Treatment should be aimed at the underlying cause. In patients suffering from anaemia of chronic disease blood transfusions may be of benefit. Erythropoetin also has a place in the treatment of certain anaemias as do iron, folate, and B12 supplements....
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Anaemia Normocytic anaemia - o Platelet count(infection...

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