Anatomy of Female Reproductive System

Anatomy of Female Reproductive System - stalk of granulose...

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Anatomy of Female Reproductive System Ovaries progesterone) - flank uterus on each side; held in place within peritoneal cavity by parts of broad ligament (suspensory ligament & mesovarium) - ovarian ligament anchors ovary to uterus - ovarian arteries (branch from abdominal aorta) & ovarian branch of uterine arteries serve ovaries - ovaries surrounded externally by tunica albuginea & germinal epithelium - outer cortex houses follicles; inner medulla contains blood vessels & nerves - ovarian follicles : in cortex; contain immature egg (oocyte) encased by one or more cell layers (1 layer = follicle cells; more than 1 layer = granulosa cells) o primordial follicle : one layer of squamous cells enclose oocyte o primary follicle : 2 or more layers of cuboidal or columnar cells surround oocyte o secondary follicle : has central fluid-filled cavity (antrum) o vesicular (Graafian) follicle : follicle bulges from ovary surface; oocyte sits on
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Unformatted text preview: stalk of granulose cells at one side of antrum- ovulation : ejection of oocyte from follicle & ovary- corpus luteum : structure formed from follicle cells following ovulation; eventually degenerates Female Duct System- Uterine Tubes ( Fallopian tubes or Oviducts ) : receive ovulated oocyte from ovary & provide site for fertilization o infundibulum : open funnel-shaped structure with ciliated fingerlike projections called fimbriae that drape over ovary ovulated oocyte is cast into peritoneal cavity; cilia of fimbriae sweep oocyte into uterine tube Kevin Kelleher, MTC Biology 211 Study Notes Exam 4 9 o ampulla : expanded curved portion of uterine tube where fertilization normally occurs o isthmus : constricted region that leads into uterus o smooth muscle sheets in wall of uterine tube & mucosa with ciliated cells aid in carrying oocyte toward uterus o uterine tubes are covered by peritoneum & supported by mesentery called mesosalpinx page5...
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Anatomy of Female Reproductive System - stalk of granulose...

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