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Antibiotics Glycopeptides

Antibiotics Glycopeptides - • Loop diuretics –...

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Antibiotics Glycopeptides Glycopeptides also inhibit cell wall synthesis by preventing peptidoglycan formation. Vancomycin Indications : IV for Serious GRAM+ve infections – MRSA – septicaemia, endocarditis. Orally for pseudomembranous colitis (c.diff) Route/Dose: 1-1.5g bd ivi (slowly – risk of anaphylaxis) 125mg qds po. Side effects : Nephrotoxicity Ototoxicity (stop if get tinnitus) Rash Hypersensitivity. Caution: History of deafness IBD (increased bowel uptake if given PO) Interactions: Ciclosporin – increased nephrotoxicity
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Unformatted text preview: • Loop diuretics – increased ototoxicity. Monitor: • Serum levels • FBC and U&E • Auditory function. Teicoplanin Indications: Serious GRAM +ve infections – MRSA Route/Dose: 400mg im/iv loading dose then reduce to 200mg od Side effects: • GI upset • Hypersensitivity reaction • Ototoxic • Nephrotoxic (less than vancomycin) Caution: • Breast feeding • Pregnancy • Renal or hepatic failure. Monitor: • FBC • U&E • LFTs • Auditory function....
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Antibiotics Glycopeptides - • Loop diuretics –...

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