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Blood Diagnostic Blood Tests Type and Crossmatch o Blood typing determines the ABO and Rh blood groups of a blood sample. o A crossmatch tests for agglutination reactions between donor and recipient blood. Complete Blood Count o The complete blood count consists of the following: red blood cell count, hemoglobin measurement (grams of hemoglobin per 100 milliliters of blood), hematocrit measurement (percent volume of erythrocytes), and white blood cell count.
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Unformatted text preview: White Blood Cell Differential Count o The white blood cell differential count determines the percentage of each type of leukocyte. Clotting o Platelet count and prothrombin time measure the ability of the blood to clot. Blood Chemistry o The composition of materials dissolved or suspended in plasma (e.g., glucose, urea nitrogen, bilirubin, and cholesterol) can be used to assess the functioning and status of the body's systems....
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