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Blood5 - o weeping lubrication fluid forced from cartilage...

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Blood: red blood cells (erythrocytes) & white blood cells (leukocytes) in fluid matrix (plasma) - location: in blood vessels - functions: transports oxygen & carbon dioxide, nutrients, wastes & other substances Membranes: Cutaneous (epithelial): skin - keratinized stratified squamous epithelium (epidermis) attached to dense irregular connective tissue (dermis) - dry membrane (exposed to air) Mucous: lines body cavities (digestive tract, respiratory tract) - specialized cells (glands) may secrete mucus Serous: fluid membrane surrounding organs... pleura (lungs), pericardium (heart), peritoneum (digestive organs) - visceral & parietal layers Synovial Membranes: line cavities of freely movable joints - areolar CT with elastic fibers & adipocytes - joint (synovial) cavity: potential space with synovial fluid - synovial membrane lines all internal joint surfaces except hyaline cartilage - synovial fluid: occupies free spaces in joint cavity; reduces friction o mostly blood filtrate; viscous fluid containing hyaluronic acid
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Unformatted text preview: o weeping lubrication: fluid forced from cartilage during compression & soaked back up when pressure is relieved- menisci (articular discs): fibrocartilage discs in some synovial joints o separate articular surfaces & improve fit between bones- Bursae: flattened fibrous sacs lined with synovial membrane & containing film of synovial fluid o bunion: swollen bursa at base of big toe- Tendon Sheath: elongated bursa wrapped around a tendon Nervous Tissue: neurons & supporting cells- location: brain, spinal cord & nerves- functions: transmit electrical signals from sensory receptors to effectors Muscle Tissue: Smooth Muscle: uninucleate, spindle-shaped cells; centrally located nucleus; nonstriated; involuntary muscle- location : lines hollow passageways such as: walls of blood vessels, airways to lungs, stomach, intestines & bladder- function : contraction helps constrict or narrow lumen of blood vessels, break down & move food through GI tract, move fluids & eliminate wastes...
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