Bone structure - bone o Sharpey's fibers collagen fibers...

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Bone structure: Gross anatomy of long bones: - Compact bone: dense outer layer of bone - Spongy bone (cancellous bone): trabeculae - needle-like or flat pieces internal to compact bone; spaces between trabeculae filled with red or yellow bone marrow - Diaphysis (shaft): forms long axis of bone; thick collar of compact bone surrounding medullary (marrow) cavity o In adults, marrow cavity contains fat - yellow bone marrow cavity - Epiphyses: internal spongy bone o Joint surfaces covered by articular cartilage o Epiphyseal line: between diaphysis & each epiphysis - remnant of epiphyseal plate (site of bone growth during childhood) - Membranes: periosteum covers entire surface of bone except joint surfaces o Fibrous layer: outer layer; dense irregular connective tissue o Osteogenic layer: inner layer, next to bone Osteoblasts : bone-forming cells Osteoclasts : bone-destroying cells o Nutrient foramen: site of nutrient entry from vessels in periosteum at shaft of
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Unformatted text preview: bone o Sharpey's fibers: collagen fibers extending from fibrous layer into bone matrix; secure periosteum to underlying bone o Endosteum: covers trabeculae of spongy bone & canals of compact bone; contains osteoblasts & osteoclasts Gross anatomy of short, irregular & flat bones:- periosteum-covered outer compact bone & endosteum-covered inner spongy bone- no shaft or epiphyses- bone marrow present between trabeculae; no marrow cavity- diploe: folded spongy bone in flat bones Hematopoietic tissue in bones:- Hematopoiesis occurs in red marrow (in cavities of spongy bone of long bones & diploe of flat bones)- In infants, medullary cavity & all spongy bone have red bone marrow- In adults, red bone marrow in the head of the femur & humerus, & diploe of flat bones & some irregular bones (hip bone)- During anemia (blood cell deficiency), yellow marrow can revert to red marrow Microscopic structure of bone: Compact bone (lamellar bone): units called osteons or Haversian systems...
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Bone structure - bone o Sharpey's fibers collagen fibers...

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