Candidiasis Epidemiology

Candidiasis Epidemiology - candidiasis can be treated with...

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Candidiasis Epidemiology Although Candida organisms are present in 20-40% of the population it only multiplies to cause disease in certain conditions. Hormonal changes such as during pregnancy or when taking the oral pill predispose women to infections of the groin, vulva and under the breast. It is also common in diabetics and in 80- 90% of immunocompromised patients. Diagnosis Diagnosis is usually made on the appearance and location of the lesions. If there is doubt about the diagnosis, microscopic identification can be made one the gram +ve yeast cells taken from swabs of the infected area. The fungal hyphae are clearly visible under the microscope. Treatment Candidiasis is usually treated with anti-fungal agents applied directly to the affected surface. Oral
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Unformatted text preview: candidiasis can be treated with an antifungal liquid, while skin infections are treated with anti-fungal creams or pessaries. The most commonly used antifungal agents include Nystatin, Imidazole and Fluconazole. Occasionally a diagnosis of Candidiasis can prompt further investigations which reveal other conditions. Prognosis Providing underlying causes are diagnosed and managed, candidiasis usually responds well to treatment. Prognosis is usually very good but is largely dependent on the underlying condition. Prevention Candidiasis can be prevented in susceptible populations through education, early symptom recognition and prompt management....
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Candidiasis Epidemiology - candidiasis can be treated with...

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