Cerebellum - Reticular Formation extends through core of...

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Cerebellum: dorsal to pons & medulla; inferior to occipital lobes; ~ 11% of total brain mass - bilaterally symmetrical with two hemispheres connected medially by vermis - convoluted with gyri called folia - fissures divide each hemisphere into lobes: anterior, posterior & flocculonodular - arbor vitae: tree-like white matter formed by axons of Purkinje cells Limbic System: diencephalons encircling brain stem (limbus = ring) & linked by the fornix - emotional brain o amygdala: elicits fear response o cingulate o hippocampus: plays a role in storing information in long-term memory
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Unformatted text preview: Reticular Formation: extends through core of brainstem- reticular activating system: maintains cerebral cortical alertness- filters out repetitive stimuli- motor nuclei help regulate skeletal & visceral muscle activity Brain Wave Patterns & EEG:- an electroencephalogram ( EEG ) records electrical activity of neurons- the patterns of electrical activity can be discriminated as 4 types of brain waves, with decreasing regularity: alpha waves (8-13 Hz): indicate relaxed state of wakefulness beta waves (14-25 Hz): indicate mental alertness (concentration) theta waves (4-7 Hz): common in children; abnormal in adults delta waves (< 4 Hz): seen during sleep & anesthesia; abnormal when awake (indicate brain damage)- epilepsy involves epileptic seizures that reflect abnormal electrical activity of brain neurons that interferes with normal “communication” of neurons can be controlled by anticonvulsive drugs (inhibitory neurotransmitters, sedatives) Page5...
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Cerebellum - Reticular Formation extends through core of...

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