circumvallate - circumvallate (vallate) papillae: in...

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circumvallate (vallate) papillae: in V-shaped row at back of tongue o sulcus terminalis : groove that divides anterior 2/3 of tongue in oral cavity from posterior 1/3 of tongue in oropharynx - Salivary Glands o Intrinsic salivary glands or buccal glands : throughout oral mucosa o Extrinsic salivary glands Parotid glands Mumps : inflammation of parotid glands; caused by mumps virus Submandibular glands : walnut-sized glands that lie along medial aspect of mandible Sublingual gland : anterior to submandibular gland under tongue o o saliva : mostly water; slightly acidic secretion containing electrolytes (sodium, chloride, bicarbonate… ions), salivary amylase (digestive enzyme), mucin,
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circumvallate - circumvallate (vallate) papillae: in...

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