Cranial nerves Clinical importance

Cranial nerves Clinical importance - Cranial nerves...

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Cranial nerves Clinical importance Parasympathetic cranial nerves: CNIII; CNVII; CNIX; CNX [1973] Submandibular ganglion: Submandibular salivary gland Otic ganglion: Parotid salivary gland Otalgia Referred pain from: o Ant. 2/3 of tongue, floor of mouth, lower teeth ---- CNV o Post. 1/3 of tongue, oropharynx ---- CNIX o Hypopharynx, larynx ---- CNX o Cervical spine, neck ---- C2 Consider primary innervation of ear: o Auriculotemporal branch of Mandibular CNV CNVII o Middle ear Tympanic (Jacobsen’s) branch of CNIX Tympanic (Arnold’s) branch of CNX Implication: Essential to search elsewhere for pathology in patients with otalgia but normal ears CNI: Olfactory Anosmia:
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Hyperosmia (olfactory hyperesthesia): Result of psychological changes in responsiveness to odours CNII: Optic Lesion of Retina ---- Scotoma (circumscribed region of visual deficit) Amaurosis Fugax: Transient occlusion of retinal artery: Warning sign for impending retinal/cerebral infarct Lesion of Optic Nerve ---- Monocular visual loss (whole eye blindness): Common causes: Glaucoma; Optic Neuritis; Neuropathy; Trauma; Space Occupying Lesion (SOL; e.g. neuromma, meningioma or glioma) Lesion of Optic Chiasm ---- Bi-temporal hemianopia (both temporal fields): Common causes: Pituitary adenoma (compression); SOL (e.g. meningioma, glioma) Retrochiasmal lesions:
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Cranial nerves Clinical importance - Cranial nerves...

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