Cranial nerves Functional groupings

Cranial nerves Functional groupings - Tested by shrugging...

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Cranial nerves Functional groupings Functional grouping of Cranial Nerves Smell: CNI o Tests inc. Smell bottles Eye: o Tests include: Acuity with near-vision chart Fundoscopy Visual fields CNV, VII, VIII o o CNVII testing: Facial movement; Taste testing; Schirmer’s test; Stapedial reflex o CNVIII testing: Hearing tests (Webers & Rinne’s); Vestibular (balance) testing CNIX, X, XII o CNIX testing: Oropharyngeal sensation, or Gag reflex o o Shoulder: CNXI
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Unformatted text preview: Tested by shrugging shoulders against resistance Entry and exit points Entry & exit points for Cranial Nerves • CNI: Cribiform plate • CNII: Optic canal • CNIII: Superior Orbital Fissure • CNIV: Superior Orbital Fissure • CNV ---- V1: Superior Orbital Fissure; V2: Foramen Rotundum; V3: Foramen Ovale • CNVI: Superior Orbital Fissure • CNVII: Auditory Canal (Stylomastoid Foramen) • CNVIII: Auditory Canal • CNIX: Jugular Foramen • CNX: Jugular Foramen • CNXI: Jugular Foramen (Ascending fibres enter via Foramen Magnum) • CNXII: Hypoglossal Foramen/Canal • CNIX, X, XI, XII are Bulbar Nerves ---- arise from the medulla (swelling/bulb on top of spinal cord)...
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Cranial nerves Functional groupings - Tested by shrugging...

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