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Cystitis Treatment - capsaicin anti spasmodic and...

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Cystitis Treatment Often the severity of symptoms requires immediate therapy with appropriate antibiotics. Whilst it is preferable to identify the causative agent and tailor antibiotic therapy towards each individual’s infection, this takes time and patients in pain and discomfort want a take home treatment. As such, UTIs are often treated blindly whilst the results from urine MC&S are being formed. If the patient doesn’t have success with the empirical therapy a tailored antibiotic can be prescribed once the results and patient return to surgery. The following antibiotics are usually prescribed:- Trimethoprim Co-trimoxazole Amoxicillin Nitrofurantoin Nalidixic acid Interstitial cystitis can be treated with diet modifications (reduce intake of caffeine, citrus fruits and
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Unformatted text preview: capsaicin), anti spasmodic and relaxation therapy. Occasionally where an anatomical cause for cystitis is found surgery may be able to help correct the abnormality and relieve symptoms of cystitis. Prognosis Most attacks of infective cystitis respond promptly to antibiotics. In women with frequent attacks, or in children or men, investigations to discover a possible underlying cause are essential to exclude more serious problems. Prevention Cystitis can be prevented in women who are susceptible through the use of prophylactic antibiotics, drinking plenty of water, drinking 200-750ml of cranberry juice and through advice on wiping patterns....
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Cystitis Treatment - capsaicin anti spasmodic and...

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