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Down's syndrome Treatment Treatment of individuals with Down’s Syndrome depends on the particular manifestations of the condition. For instance, individuals with congenital heart disease may need to undergo major corrective surgery soon after birth. Other individuals may have relatively minor health problems requiring no therapy. Parents who have children with Down’s Syndrome will need support from:- Paediatricians Midwives Health visitors General practitioners and health visitors are also able to provide access to other support services including:- Physiotherapist Occupational Therapists Speech Therapists Services such as social workers can help families gain access to other local authority support services. Depending upon the level of learning difficulty, a home based school service for preschool years may be
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Unformatted text preview: useful; however’ it is now recommended that children with Down’s syndrome receive education in groups, either with fellow Down’s syndrome children or at mainstream school if the degree of learning disability is limited. It is believed this approach offers a more holistic approach which helps integration. After the age of 18, social benefits are available, which vary depending upon the degree of disability and whether they are working. A planned approach for further education and employment opportunities when children leave school is required by law. On leaving home, some form of supported housing is usually required. It is important to continue to look for health problems which are common in children and adults who have Down’s Syndrome....
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