Down1 - Congenital cataracts Thyroid disease Respiratory...

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Down's syndrome Epidemiology One baby in 1,000 born will have Down’s Syndrome; thus about 1,000 new-born babies are affected each year in the UK. Approximately 95% of these are trisomy 21. Down syndrome occurs in all ethnic groups and among all economic classes. Diagnosis In some cases Down’s Syndrome is suspected during pregnancy as a result of antenatal blood tests. If the risk is high, amniocentesis will confirm the diagnosis. Amniocentesis is a technique used to diagnoses Down’s Syndrome, a sample of amniotic fluid is taken for analysis of chromosomal content. The condition is otherwise diagnosed at birth when physical features are recognised. A blood test will then confirm presence of an additional chromosome. Other associated conditions should be checked for, some at birth others during development, they include:- Congenital heart disease (present in 40% of children with Down’s Syndrome)
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Unformatted text preview: Congenital cataracts Thyroid disease Respiratory and ear infections Early onset Alzheimers Dementia ( at about the age of 35) Seizures or fits Prognosis Mortality is highest in the first few years of life, usually due to respiratory infections and congenital heart disease. However many people with Downs Syndrome are reasonably healthy and live to be 40-60 years of age. The normal growth and development of a child with Downs Syndrome is different from that of a normal child, as such different growth charts are used to assess progress. Prevention Downs syndrome cant be prevented by the risk factors can be reduced by having children at a young age. Antenatal screening can identify children with Downs Syndrome which can then be chosen to be aborted, however this is controversial in many countries....
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Down1 - Congenital cataracts Thyroid disease Respiratory...

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