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eccrine glands - eccrine glands Sweat glands that are...

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eccrine glands Sweat glands that are linked to the sympathetic nervous system and are widely distributed over the body surface. ecological niche The role an organism occupies and the function it performs in an ecosystem; closely associated with feeding. ecological time A timescale that focuses on community events that occur on the order of tens to hundreds of years. ecology The study of how organisms interact with each other and their physical environment. ecosystem The community living in an area and its physical environment. ecotones Well-deÞned boundaries typical of closed communities . ecotype A subdivision of a species ; a stage in the formation of a species such that reproductive isolation has occurred. ectoderm The outer layer of cells in embryonic development; gives rise to the skin, brain, and nervous system . Also, the outermost tissue layer in þatworms. ectotherms Animals with a variable body temperature that is determined by the environment. Examples: fish, frogs, and reptiles. effector In a closed system, the element that initiates an action in response to a signal
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