endothermic - endothermic A reaction that gives off energy....

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endothermic A reaction that gives off energy. The product is in a lower energy state than the reactants. endotherms Animals that have the ability to maintain a constant body temperature over a wide range of environmental conditions. endothermy The internal control of body temperature; the ability to generate and maintain internal body heat. energy The ability to bring about changes or to do work. energy flow The movement of energy through a community via feeding relationships. energy of activation The minimum amount of energy required for a given reaction to occur; varies from reaction to reaction. entropy The degree of disorder in a system. As energy is transferred from one form to another, some is lost as heat; as the energy decreases, the disorder in the system&emdash;and thus the entropy&emdash;increases. enzymes Protein molecules that act as catalysts in biochemical reactions. eon
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