Enuresis Diurnal enuresis

Enuresis Diurnal enuresis - additional stresses. Most...

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Enuresis Diurnal enuresis Approximately 1% of children over 5 years have troublesome daytime wetting. The majority are reliably dry at night. Diurnal enuresis more commonly affects girls than boys. The most common causes are instability of the detrusor muscle and bacteruria. There is an increased association with emotional disorders when compared to children who only bed-wet. Investigations USS: bladder pathology Urodynamic studies Spinal X-ray (vertebral malformation suggesting nerve root tethering). MRI to confirm Management Explain that problem is a common one and beyond conscious control. Reassurance for parents and child are very important. Treat underlying cause (e.g. diabetes, UTI) if one is found Parents should stop punitive measures. Punishment is likely to exacerbate the problem as well as cause
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Unformatted text preview: additional stresses. Most children are anxious and actually over anxious to stop wetting. Treat wet beds matter-of-factly – don't make a big deal of it Positive reinforcement and encouragement - Introduce a star chart for dry nights (chart is also useful when assessing progress). Conditioning therapy using enuresis alarm - device that will wake the child when the bed becomes wet. These have a good success rate and should be used for a period of 3-4 months. They require persistence from the child as well as the famil. However, after 3 months the majority either get up and go before they need to or get up to go when they need to. Drugs - As short-term relief on holidays etc, desmopressin can be used – this is an ADH analogue....
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Enuresis Diurnal enuresis - additional stresses. Most...

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