epiglottis - of glottis o intrinsic laryngeal muscles...

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epiglottis : flexible elastic cartilage extending from posterior aspect of tongue to thyroid cartilage o covered by mucosa with scattered taste buds o the laryngeal opening into laryngopharynx - vocal folds (true vocal cords) : vibrate from air moving up from lungs to produce sounds o core formed from vocal ligaments surrounded by laryngeal mucosa o glottis : medial opening through which air passes o laryngitis : inflammation of vocal folds; can be caused by overuse of voice, bacterial infection, dry air or tumors - vestibular folds (false vocal cords) : mucosal folds superior to vocal folds; play no role in voice production ciliated columnar epithelium below vocal folds - voice production
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Unformatted text preview: of glottis o intrinsic laryngeal muscles affect the length of the vocal folds & size of glottis o higher pitches from narrow glottis opening & tenser vocal folds- sphincter functions of larynx: vocal folds can act as a sphincter during cough & sneeze reflexes, closing glottis Trachea (windpipe): descends from larynx through neck into mediastinum- inferiorly divides into primary bronchi- wall composed of mucosa (pseudostratified ciliated epithelium with goblet cells), submucosa (connective tissue with seromucous glands ) & adventitia (connective tissue reinforced with hyaline cartilage rings)- trachealis muscle: smooth muscle in posterior wall; contracts to narrow trachea during expiration & expel mucus during coughing- carina : extension of last tracheal cartilage; marks split of trachea into primary bronchi- Heimlich maneuver : uses air in lungs to force food trapped in trachea up into oral Cavity PAGE3...
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epiglottis - of glottis o intrinsic laryngeal muscles...

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