estrogen - estrogen A female sex hormone that performs many...

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estrogen A female sex hormone that performs many important functions in reproduction. ethylene A gaseous plant hormone that stimulates fruit ripening and the dropping of leaves. Eubacteria The subunit of the Monera that includes the true bacteria such as E. coli. One of the three major groups of prokaryotes in the Kingdom Monera . The eubacteria have cell walls containing peptidoglycan. Euglenoids Term applied to a division of protozoans that have one long flagellum , no cell wall, and which may have chloroplasts . eukaryote A type of cell found in many organisms including single-celled protists and multicellular fungi, plants, and animals; characterized by a membrane-bounded nucleus and other membraneous organelles; an organism composed of such cells. The first eukaryotes are encountered in rocks approximately 1.2-1.5 billion years old. euphotic zone The upper part of the marine biome where light penetrates and photosynthesis occurs; usually extends to about 200 meters below the water surface. eutrophication
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