Gastrulation - ganglia adrenal medulla& some connective...

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Gastrulation: Germ Layer Formation o during gastrulation , 3 primary germ layers form in embryo from raised groove called primitive streak 3 layers are: o some mesodermal cells form a rod called notochord, which serves as axial support for embryo Kevin Kelleher, MTC Biology 211 Study Notes Exam 4 16 o endoderm & ectoderm consist of epithelia, while mesoderm consists of mesenchyme (star-shaped cells free to migrate within embryo) - Organogenesis: Differentiation of Germ Layers o specialization of ectoderm: neurulation induced by chemical signals from notochord neural plate forms over notochord, & folds inward as neural groove with neural folds superior margins of neural folds fuse to form neural tube anterior end of neural tube becomes brain ; rest becomes spinal cord
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Unformatted text preview: ganglia, adrenal medulla & some connective tissues o specialization of endoderm : o edges of endoderm fuse around part of yolk sac forming tube called primitive gut , which forms epithelium of GI tract o mucosae of respiratory tract form from foregut (pharyngeal endoderm) o thyroid, parathyroid & thymus form from pharyngeal endoderm & liver & pancreas arise from midgut (intestinal mucosa) o specialization of mesoderm : notochord develops into vertebral column somites : series of paired block of mesoderm around notochord sclerotome : produces vertebra & rib dermatome : helps form dermis of skin myotome : forms skeletal muscles intermediate mesoderm : forms gonads & kidneys lateral mesoderm: somatic mesoderm : helps form dermis, parietal serosa & bones, ligaments & dermis of limbs splanchnic mesoderm : forms heart, blood vessels & most connective Tissue Page3...
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Gastrulation - ganglia adrenal medulla& some connective...

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