genetic divergence

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genetic divergence The separation of a population's gene pool from the gene pools of other populations due to mutation , genetic drift, and selection. Continued divergence can lead to speciation. genetic drift Random changes in the frequency of alleles from generation to generation; especially in small populations, can lead to the elimination of a particular allele by chance alone. genetic maps Diagrams showing the order of and distance between genes; constructed using crossover information. genetics The study of the structure and function of genes and the transmission of genes from parents to offspring. genital herpes A sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes virus ; results in sores on the mucus membranes of the mouth or genitals. genome 1. The set of genes carried by an individual. 2. The set of genes shared by members of a reproductive unit such as a population or species. genotype
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Unformatted text preview: The genetic (alleleic) makeup of an organism with regard to an observed trait. geographic isolation Separation of populations of a species by geographic means (distance, mountains, rivers, oceans, etc.) that lead to reproductive isolation of those populations. geographic range The total area occupied by a population. geological time The span of time that has passed since the formation of the Earth and its physical structures; also, a timescale that focuses on events on the order of thousands of years or more. geotropism Plants' response to gravity: roots grow downward, showing positive geotropism, while shoots grow upward in a negative response. germ cells Collective term for cells in the reproductive organs of multicellular organisms that divide by meiosis to produce gametes . gestation Period of time between fertilization and birth of an animal. Commonly called pregnancy....
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