Gestational diabete2

Gestational diabete2 - complications of DM, such as...

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Gestational diabetes Gestational Diabetes is a common presentation in Obstetrics. It is important to remember that pregnancy causes a diabetogenic state – there is increased maternal resistance to insulin by human placental lactogen, cortisol and glucagons. Therefore, blood sugar levels need to be well controlled in pregnancy to reduce maternal and foetal complications. Symptoms The symptoms of diabetes in pregnancy will depend on whether the mother has pre-existing diabetes or she develops diabetes during her pregnancy. Mothers with pre-established DM, may present with: Increased need for insulin Increased episodes of hypoglycaemia More prone to DKA May have acceleration of
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Unformatted text preview: complications of DM, such as retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy and HTN. All Diabetic mothers (pre-existing or gestational) are at an increased risk of: 1. Maternal complications Spontaneous miscarriage Infection (Candida) Polyhydramnios rupture of membranes Pre-eclampsia UTIs 2. Fetal complications IUD/stillbirth Congenital abnormality, especially CVS malformations (not in GDM as it presents after week 8 when the CNS is developing) Macrosomia (leading to increased risk of birth trauma especially shoulder dystocia) IUGR Neonatal complications Neonatal hypoglycaemia Respiratory distress syndrome...
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Gestational diabete2 - complications of DM, such as...

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