hematopoiesis - hematopoiesis (hemopoiesis): blood cell...

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hematopoiesis ( hemopoiesis ): blood cell formation; occurs in red bone marrow starts with stem cell called hemocytoblast (hematopoietic stem cell that is used to form all formed elements of blood) erythropoiesis (erythrocyte production): hemocytoblast -> myeloid stem cell -> proerythroblast -> early erythroblast -> late erythroblast -> normoblast -> reticulocyte -> erythrocyte cell shrinks in size; cell accumulates hemoglobin protein during erythroblast stages; cell loses its nucleus in transition from normoblast to reticulocyte reticulocyte counts can be used as a rough indicator of the rate of RBC formation controlled hormonally by erythropoietin produced by the kidneys (responding to hypoxia (low oxygen levels)) requires adequate supplies of iron & amino acids for hemoglobin and B vitamins ( vitamin B12 and folic acid ) for DNA synthesis o since free iron is toxic, it is always transported in protein-iron
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hematopoiesis - hematopoiesis (hemopoiesis): blood cell...

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