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Higher neural functions Memory - o Provides us with our...

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Higher neural functions Memory Generally divided into 2 forms Procedural memories o Expressed thro motor functions, e.g. riding a bicycle o o o Declarative memories o o Consciously accessed o o Rapidly learnt memories, but also rapidly forgotten Memory may be held in immediate memory, as short-term or long-term memory Immediate memory: Ability to hold an experience in mind for a few seconds
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Unformatted text preview: o Provides us with our sense of the present Short-term memory: Ability to hold an experience for a few minutes/hours o Considered to be our working memory o Allows us to retain information until a task has been performed Long-term memory: Stored to be retrieved days, months or years later Ability to form & retrieve memory involves several distinct processes Repetition & consolidation o Immediate experiences converted into short-term then long-term memories o Depends upon physical changes in synaptic connections Act of remembering: Process whereby information o Retrieved from long-term storage into consciousness (Declarative memory) o Expressed as motor skill (Procedural memory)...
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