Immunodeficiency and malignancie1

Immunodeficiency and malignancie1 - Early T cell precursors...

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Immunodeficiency and malignancies This articles explores immunodeficiency and malignancies of the haematopoietic system. Haematopoiesis This is the development of all blood cells from multipotent stem cells, termed haematopoietic stem cell (HSC), in the bone marrow, characterised by CD34 These stem cells give rise to either common lymphoid progenitor cells (CLP) or common myeloid progenitor cells (CMP) Progenitor cells are transit cells with limited proliferative and differentiation capacity They lack the differentiated features of mature cells and are recognised by their capacity to differentiate into specific cell types and the presence of receptors for specific growth factors CLPs give rise to all lymphoid cells CMPs give rise to all other blood cells including erythrocytes and platelets
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Unformatted text preview: Early T cell precursors derived from CLPs migrate to the thymus where they complete their maturation and then enter the periphery as CD4 or CD8 cells A key step in the differentiation of B & T lymphocytes is development of their antigen receptors sIg and TCR CMPs give rise to either o megakaryocyte (generates platelets)/erythrocyte o granulocyte/macrophage progenitors These latter differentiate within the bone marrow to give rise to all the myeloid cells What drives haematopoiesis? A range of cytokines and growth factors which bind to specific receptors on the developing cells. These are generated o by the stromal cells of the primary lymphoid tissues, & may be cell-surface expressed (juxtacrine); o or (especially during infection/inflammation) by activated leukocytes in other tissues (paracrine) (e.g. IL-6) Simplified haematopoiesis scheme...
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Immunodeficiency and malignancie1 - Early T cell precursors...

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