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Immunodeficiency and malignancies T

Immunodeficiency and malignancies T - o Failure to thrive o...

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Immunodeficiency and malignancies T-cell deficiencies Primary Severe combined immunodeficiency - SCID DiGeorge syndrome Secondary HIV infection Iatrogenic (e.g. anti-T cell Ab therapy) Severe combined immunodeficiency Failure of T (+/- B / NK) cell development and so defects in all branches of immunity Genetic: due to mutations in one of about a dozen genes Different cellular profiles: T-B+NK-, T-B-NK-, T-B-NK+, and T-B+NK+ depending on exact genetic defect Note that it is combined immunodeficiency meaning failure of all parts of the adaptive immune response This occurs even where the only cellular defect is in T cells This emphasises the key central role of T cells for ALL adaptive immunity through providing HELP for activation of other cells Presents within first months of life o Recurrent infections (bacteria, viruses, fungi)
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Unformatted text preview: o Failure to thrive o Unusual rashes, diarrhoea o Fatal if untreated • Suspect in any neonate or infant with failure to thrive, infections, recurrent hospital admissions • Diagnosis: o Test for presence and normal function of T cells SCID – Treatment • Suspect and then protect: o Isolate - barrier nursing o Prophylactic antibiotics o No live vaccines o Blood products CMV-negative, irradiated • Bone marrow / stem cell transplantation. • Gene therapy o about 20 done: leukaemia a complication Di George • Most are congenital: due to a deletion in chromosome 21 o A developmental problem leading to thymic hypoplasia so few T cells • A similar syndrome may be associated with foetal alcohol syndrome Secondary T cell Immunodeficiency’s • AIDS • Transplantation immunosuppression...
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Immunodeficiency and malignancies T - o Failure to thrive o...

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