Inflammation - especially monocytes o monocytes enter...

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Inflammation : response to tissue injury (caused by trauma, heat, chemicals or infection) prevents spread of damage begins repair processes : mediated by histamine, increased permeability of capillaries allows exudates (fluid with protein adjacent nerves) repair materials phagocytes migrate to the area: o leukocytosis – chemicals released by injured cells draw neutrophils o margination – neutrophils cling to walls of capillaries o diapedesis – neutrophils move through capillary walls into tissue spaces o chemotaxis – inflammatory chemicals draw more WBCs to the area,
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Unformatted text preview: especially monocytes o monocytes enter tissue spaces & develop into macrophages , which finish the disposal of microbes o pus: mix of dead or dying WBCs & pathogens o Antimicrobial proteins Interferon (IFN) : proteins released by virus-infected cells that prevent viral replication in neighboring cells Interferons also mobilize macrophages to area & activate NK cells Complement : group of plasma proteins that, when activated, release chemical mediators that amplify inflammatory response, enhance phagocytosis ( opsonization ) & lyse cells activated by complement factors binding to antibody-antigen complex or cell wall polysaccharides of microorganisms membrane attack complex (MAC) : group of complement proteins that inserts into cell membrane to cause cell lysis (death) o Fever : abnormally high body temperature in response to chemicals called pyrogens secreted by leukocytes & macrophages exposed to bacteria & antigens page3...
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Inflammation - especially monocytes o monocytes enter...

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