Lateralization - & thirst, regulation of...

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Lateralization: each hemisphere gas unique abilities - cerebral dominance: one hemisphere dominant for language (usually left) Diencephalon: central core of forebrain; surrounded by cerebral hemispheres - thalamus: o intermediate mass: in some people, holds together bilateral masses of gray matter of thalamus o association areas o motor activity…) - hypothalamus: below thalamus; merges with midbrain inferiorly o extends from optic chiasma (point of optic nerve crossover) anteriorly to mamillary bodies (olfactory pathway relays) posteriorly o connected to pituitary gland by stalk called infundibulum o main visceral control center; controls homeostasis Roles: autonomic control center, center for emotional response, body temperature regulation, regulation of food intake, regulation of water balance
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Unformatted text preview: & thirst, regulation of sleep-wake cycles, control of endocrine system function- epithalamus: dorsal area of diencephalon, forms roof of third ventricle o pineal gland: secretes hormone melatonin helps in regulation of sleep-wake cycle o choroid plexus: secretes CSF Brain Stem:- midbrain: between diencephalon & pons o cerebral peduncles: connect midbrain to cerebrum o cerebellar peduncles: connect midbrain to cerebellum o cerebral aqueduct: connects third & fourth ventricles o corpora quadrigemina: midbrain nuclei superior colliculi: visual reflex centers inferior colliculi: auditory relay o substantia nigra: pigmented nucleus; contains melanin, a precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine o red nucleus: pigmented nucleus; rich blood supply & iron pigment; motor relay for limb flexion- pons: between midbrain & medulla oblongata Page4...
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Lateralization - & thirst, regulation of...

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