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Major regions of the brain and their functions

Major regions of the brain and their functions - 40 of...

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Major regions of the brain and their functions The major regions of the brain (Figure 2–5) are the cerebral hemispheres , diencephalon , brain stem and cerebellum Cerebral hemispheres The cerebral hemispheres (Figure 2–6), located on the most superior part of the brain, are separated by the longitudinal fissure . They make up approximately 83% of total brain mass, and are collectively referred to as the cerebrum . The cerebral cortex constitutes a 2-4 mm thick grey matter surface layer and, because of its many convolutions, accounts for about
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Unformatted text preview: 40% of total brain mass. It is responsible for conscious behaviour and contains three different functional areas: the motor areas , sensory areas and association areas . Located internally are the white matter , responsible for communication between cerebral areas and between the cerebral cortex and lower regions of the CNS, as well as the basal nuclei (or basal ganglia ), involved in controlling muscular movement....
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