Male Duct System - o Prostate gland hypertrophy affects...

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Male Duct System - Epididymis : coiled tube that delivers immature sperm leaving testis to ductus deferens o En route, sperm gain ability to swim - Ductus Deferens (vas deferens) : propels live sperm from epididymis to urethra o ductus deferens is a long tube that runs from epididymis upward anterior to pubic where it joins with seminal vesicle to form ejaculatory duct o Accessory Glands - Seminal Vesicles : lie on posterior wall of bladder o secrete seminal fluid: a yellowish viscous alkaline fluid containing fructose o ejaculation - Prostate Gland: encircles urethra just inferior to bladder o antigen (PSA) that enters prostatic urethra during ejaculation
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Unformatted text preview: o Prostate gland hypertrophy affects nearly every elderly male Treatments include microwaves, drugs & transurethral needle ablation (TUNA) Prostate cancer is third most common cancer in men- Bulbourethral Glands (Cowper’s glands) : small glands inferior to prostate gland o produce thick clear mucus prior to ejaculation that neutralizes acidic urine in urethra Semen : mixture of sperm & accessory gland secretions- provides nutrients & transport medium for sperm & chemicals that facilitate movement- fructose provides fuel- prostaglandins decrease viscosity of mucus at uterine cervix & stimulate reverse peristalsis of uterus & uterine tubes to move sperm through female reproductive tract- alkalinity of semen due to bases (spermine) helps neutralize acidic environment of male urethra & female vagina- seminalplasmin: antibiotic in semen that destroys bacteria- contains clotting factors to clot & fibrinolysin to liquefy semen Page2...
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Male Duct System - o Prostate gland hypertrophy affects...

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