Mania Causes - Schizoaffective disorder should be diagnosed...

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Mania Causes Genetic Often positive family history of bipolar, cyclothymia or unipolar depression Neuroendocrine abnormalities suggested Hypocortisolaemia Increased aldosterone secretion Socio-environmental Triggers Severe stress Postpartum Traumatic life event Disturbed circadian rhythms Epidemiology Lifetime prevalence for Type 1 bipolar 1% Lifetime prevalence for Type 2 bipolar 2% Female:Male ration 3:2 Peak age of onset is early adulthood 18-25 Greater prevalence in higher SEC Diagnosis See symptoms for more detail on diagnosis of hypomania, mania and bipolar affective disorder. Other differential diagnosis that are important to rule out: Substance abuse (in particular amphetamines and cocaine) Mood abnormalities due to endocrine cause Cushing’s syndrome
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Steroid induced psychosis Acute Schizophrenia may present like mania Persecutory or grandiose delusions may be present in both, as may auditory hallucinations
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Unformatted text preview: Schizoaffective disorder should be diagnosed where affective and schizophreniform symptoms are equally prominent In younger patients consider ADHA and transient psychosis Important Areas of Questioning For Mania and BAD Duration then FAST RIGS How long have you felt this way? (>7 days Mania) FAST RIGS Flight of Ideas Do you ever feel that your thoughts are racing? Activity Do you feel very active at the moment? Sleep What is your sleep like at the moment? Talkativeness Do you feel youre more confident talking to people at the moment? Reckless behaviour Have you noticed increased spending recently? Inhibition (social) Have you found yourself in unusual social situations recently? Grandiosity Do you have any special abilities or divine purpose? Sexual inhibition How is/are your libido/sexual urges at the moment?...
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Mania Causes - Schizoaffective disorder should be diagnosed...

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