Microscopic anatomy of Liver

Microscopic anatomy of Liver - digestion & absorption...

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Microscopic anatomy of Liver o liver lobules : hexagonal structural & functional unit consisting of hepatocytes o portal triad : consists of a branch of the hepatic artery, a branch of the hepatic hepatic veins inside sinusoids are hepatic macrophages (Kupffer cells) which remove bile flows through bile canaliculi to bile duct - hepatitis : inflammation of liver, most often due to viral infection - cirrhosis : chronic inflammation of liver often resulting from alcoholism or severe chronic hepatitis - Composition of bile : bile is a yellow-green alkaline solution consisting of bile salts, o bile salts : cholesterol derivates that emulsify fats (suspend in water), aiding in
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Unformatted text preview: digestion & absorption of fats o bilirubin : bile pigment produced as a waste product of heme of hemoglobin during red blood cell breakdown Gallbladder : thin-walled green muscular sac in a shallow fossa on the ventral surface of liver- stores (& concentrates) bile that is not immediately needed; when needed, it is expelled through cystic duct into bile duct- bile release is stimulated by the intestinal hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) following chyme entry into duodenum- gallstones : crystallization of cholesterol in gallbladder due to too much cholesterol or too few bile salts Pancreas : extends across abdomen under stomach; most is retroperitoneal- releases pancreatic juice through main pancreatic duct to duodenum o contains digestive enzyme s: proteases trypsin, chymotrypsin, carboxypeptidase; amylase, lipases & nucleases PAGE7...
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Microscopic anatomy of Liver - digestion & absorption...

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