Motor Division of the Peripheral Nervous System

Motor Division of the Peripheral Nervous System - Autonomic...

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Motor Division of the Peripheral Nervous System: Effectors Efferent Pathways Neurotransmitter Effects Somatic Skeletal muscle 1 motor neuron (cell body acetylcholine released from somatic motor Nervous System in CNS & axon in spinal nerve) neuron to skeletal muscle; effect is always extends to skeletal muscle stimulatory Autonomic Smooth muscle, Cardiac preganglionic neuron from CNS to postganglionic neuron may release acetyl Nervous System muscle & glands ganglion; postganglionic neuron choline or norepinephrine; effect may be extends to effector organ stimulatory or inhibitory
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Unformatted text preview: Autonomic Nervous System: Origin Ganglia Fiber Length Neurotransmitters Parasympathetic Craniosacral outflow close to organ(s) long preganglionic ACh (acetylcholine) Cranial nerves III, VII, IX, X served short postganglionic released by pre- & Sacral spinal nerves S 2-S 4 postganglionic fibers Sympathetic Thoracolumbar outflow close to CNS (spinal short preganglionic preganglionic fibers -Thoracic spinal nerves T 1-T 12 cord) paravertebral long postganglionic ACh; postganglionic Lumbar spinal nerves L 1-L 2 & prevertebral ganglia Page9...
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