Muscles - Skeletal Muscle Anatomy Connective Tissue...

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Muscle Types: Skeletal muscle tissue: attach to & cover bony skeleton - longest of muscle types; striated ; under voluntary control Cardiac muscle tissue: occurs only in walls of heart - striated ; involuntary - pacemaker cells set rate of contraction Smooth muscle tissue: occurs in walls of visceral organs (stomach, bladder), respiratory passageways & blood vessels - forces fluids & other substances through body channels - nonstriated ; involuntary Muscle Functions: - producing movement - maintaining posture - stabilizing joints - generating heat Functional characteristics of muscles: - excitability (irritability): receive & respond to stimuli - contractility: shorten forcibly when stimulated - extensibility: can be stretched or extended
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Unformatted text preview: Skeletal Muscle Anatomy: Connective Tissue wrappings:- epimysium: dense irregular CT surrounding whole muscle- perimysium: fibrous CT surrounding individual muscle fascicles (bundles of muscle fibers (cells))- endomysium: reticular CT surrounding individual muscle fibers (cells) Nerve & Blood Supply: each muscle generally served by 1 nerve, an artery & 1 or more veins- nerve ending controls muscle cell activity- arteries lead to winding capillaries that deliver nearly continuous oxygen; veins carry away large amounts of metabolic waste Attachments: most muscles attached to bones in at least 2 places- origin: point of attachment to less movable (immovable) bone- insertion: point of attachment to more movable bone Page1...
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Muscles - Skeletal Muscle Anatomy Connective Tissue...

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