Muscular dystrophy Management

Muscular dystrophy Management - Muscular dystrophy...

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Muscular dystrophy Management There is no definitive cure for DMD. Treatment is supportive aimed at controlling the onset of symptoms to maximize the quality of life. This requires a multidisciplinary approach: 1. Physiotherapy - prevent deformity and maintain mobility 2. Othopaedics - tendon release for contractures, scoliosis repair) 3. Occupational therapy - appliances (such as braces and wheelchairs) may improve mobility and the ability for self-care. 4. Specialist nursing team 5. GP 6. Nutritionist - prevent obesity 7. respiratory support – substantially improves life expectancy e.g. CPAP Carrier detection: A female with an affected brother has a 50% chance of carrying the DMD gen. 70% of carrier female have a raised CK. Accurate diagnosis of carrier states and prenatal DMD are essentialand genetic counselling should be offered. Prognosis Eventually weakness spreads to the arms, neck, and other areas. Often, patients are wheelchair-bound by 12 and the condition is frequently fatal by the age of 20. Becker's muscular dystrophy
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Muscular dystrophy Management - Muscular dystrophy...

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