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Neural circuits - in general mature neurons are amitotic(do...

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Neural circuits: functional groups of neurons that integrate incoming information from other sources & forward processed information to other sources - circuits: patterns of synaptic connections in neuronal pools - reflexes occur over neural pathways called reflex arcs - series circuit: one neuron stimulates the next in a sequence - diverging circuit: one presynaptic neuron stimulates several postsynaptic neurons - converging circuit: several presynaptic neuron stimulate one postsynaptic neuron - reverberating circuit: branches from later neurons in ciircuit stimulate earlier neurons; prolongs output signal - parralel after-discharge circuit : one presynaptic neuron stimulates several postsynaptic neurons which converge on one output neuron Regeneration of Nerve Fibers:
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Unformatted text preview: - in general, mature neurons are amitotic (do not divide)- if cell body remains intact, regeneration is possible- following injury, the two ends of neuron surrounding site of injury seal off & swell from accumulation of materials- Wallerian degeneration: the axon distal to the site of injury & its myelin sheath begins to disintegrate (debris cleaned up by macrophages & Schwann cells)- Schwann cells proliferate in response to macrophage signals, & express cell adhesion molecules & release growth factors to stimulate axonal growth. .. then, they guide axon extensions across the gap (form regeneration tube to bridge gap) & remyelinate the axon- The greater the distance between broken axon ends, the less the chance of Regeneration Page7...
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