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Organ System Level - Organ System Level a group of organs...

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Organ System Level : a group of organs that together form an organ system - organ systems in the body: integumentary system; skeletal system; muscular system; nervous system; endocrine system; cardiovascular system; lymphatic system; immune system; respiratory system; digestive system; urinary system; reproductive system Organismal Level : the whole organism; all parts of the body functioning together Noninvasive techniques to assess body structure & function: - palpation : examiner feels body surface(s) with hands to assess underlying function/activity (e.g.: palpating artery to find pulse & measure heart rate) - auscultation : examiner listens to body sounds to evaluate function or organ(s); often uses stethoscope to amplify sounds (e.g.: auscultation of lungs during breathing to check for crackling sounds – could indicate abnormal fluid in lungs) - percussion : examiner taps on body surfaces with fingertips & listens to echo; can reveal abnormal fluid accumulation, size/structure/position of underlying organs
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