Paget2 - Pagets Disease Pagets disease is a chronic...

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Paget’s Disease Paget’s disease is a chronic disorder that typically affects the elder and results in enlarged and deformed bones. Affected bones are often brittle and fracture easily. The most commonly involved bones are femur, pelvis, tibia, humerus, skull and lumbosacral spine. Symptoms Many mild cases of Paget’s disease (approximately 60-80%) are asymptomatic and patients may go through life experiencing no symptoms or complications. When symptomatic, Paget’s may be confused with arthritis. Symptoms of Paget’s disease may include:- Bone Pain (most often in the spine or pelvis) Joint pain (due to proximal bone disease causing cartilage damage and osteoarthritis) Skeletal deformities o Increased skull circumference o Bowing of the Tibia Complications include:- o Nerve compression due to exogenous bone growth, most commonly results in deafness o Spinal stenosis leading to Hydrocephalus o Myocardia hypertrophy and high-output cardiac failure due to increased bone blood flow o Osteogenic sarcomas in Paget’s Bone (incidence in Paget’s lower than 1% but still 30x
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Paget2 - Pagets Disease Pagets disease is a chronic...

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