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Physiological effects of pregnancy

Physiological effects of pregnancy - • Protein excretion...

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Physiological effects of pregnancy Renal Increase in renal blood flow o 75% greater than non-pregnant in 1 st trimester o 60% greater than non-pregnant in 3 rd Major factor controlling Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) o Increases by 50% but no decrease in 3 rd trimester (leads to decreased creatinine (approx. 35-44 mmol/L in pregnancy), decreased urea and decreased BUN) Glycosuria common o No malfunction or change in renal threshold (Active process) but physiological effect
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Unformatted text preview: • Protein excretion increases o Increased microalbuminuria o Threshold 500mg/24 hrs (> n-p norm) • Be aware of physiological effects of progesterone (ureteric dilatation and slowed urine transport) o Increased risks UTI (mom may complain of “burning while passing water”) o Sometimes loin pain due to hydronephrosis secondary to progesterone and mechanical obstruction of ureter by uterus o This may worsen already impaired renal function...
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