Placenta - The villus Primary villus-syncytio trophoblast...

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Placenta This article explores the placenta, its function and dysfunction. The placenta Circular cake’ Most accurate record of infant’s prenatal experience’ Enormous diversity of form and function’ Unique metabolic, endocrine and immunological properties’ Early Stage Formation – Day 6 Blastocyst-inner cell mass / trophoblast Establishment of placenta takes precedence Invasion of endometrium-day 7 Interstitial implantation-complex process Syncytium-outerlayer Cytotrophoblast-inner layer Decidual reaction-limits invasion/initial nutrition Aims of Implantation 1. Establish basic unit of exchange between foetus and mother- the chorionic villus 2. Anchor the placenta 3. Establish maternal blood flow within the placenta
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Unformatted text preview: The villus Primary villus-syncytio trophoblast penetrated by cords of cytotrophoblast Secondary villus penetrated by mesenchymal cells Tertiary villus-penetrated by foetal vessels Chorionic villi Stalk attaching foetus to the placenta forms the umbilical vessels Further Development of the Villus Thinning of placental barrier Margination of foetal vessels Massive expansion of surface area by arborisation All to meet the expanding need of the developing foetus The Membranes Obliteration of uterine cavity as amniotic cavity expands Chorion laeve / chorion frondosum Fusion of chorion / amnion membranes...
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Placenta - The villus Primary villus-syncytio trophoblast...

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