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Protection - ammonia& urea are excreted absorption of...

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Protection: skin forms protective covering over body chemicals - tightly packed keratinocytes resist invasion by microbes water entry assist in killing bacteria - acidic pH of perspiration retards growth of some microbes - melanin pigment protects skin cells from UV light damage Cutaneous sensation: cutaneous sensations arise in skin sensations of hot & cold - pain sensations are usually indication of tissue damage : perspiration - through perspiration, small amounts of salts, CO 2
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Unformatted text preview: , ammonia & urea are excreted- absorption of water-soluble substances is negligible, but lipid-soluble substances such as fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K), certain drugs (cortisol), and gases (O 2 & CO 2 ) are absorbed through skin- harmful chemicals such as acetone, heavy metal salts (lead, mercury, arsenic) & toxins in poison ivy & poison oak can also be absorbed Synthesis of vitamin D : vitamin D is activated in skin by UV light, & liver enzymes convert the activated molecule to calcitriol, the most active form of vitamin D- vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium in foods from the GI tract into blood Metabolic functions Blood reservoir Homeostatic imbalances of skin: Skin cancer- basal cell carcinoma- squamous cell carcinoma- melanoma Burns:- first-degree : only part of epidermis is destroyed- second-degree : portion of epidermis & part of dermis destroyed- third-degree : portion of dermis & full thickness of dermis & associated structures destroyed...
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Protection - ammonia& urea are excreted absorption of...

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