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Psychosi2 - Hallucinations • Auditory • Command(2 nd...

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Psychosis Psychosis means an abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a "loss of contact with reality". People suffering from psychosis are described as psychotic. Psychosis is given to the more severe forms of psychiatric disorder, during which hallucinations and delusions and impaired insight can occur. Symptoms There are many signs and symptoms to psychosis such as: Delusions Persecutory Of Reference Control/Passivity Grandiose Jealousy Nihilistic Depersonalisation/derealisation Thought delusions, including the following: Insertion Withdrawal Broadcast Thought Disorder may be apparent and include: Flight of ideas, word salad, loosening of associations – mania, positive symptoms of schizophrenia Though block, poverty of thought – depression, negative symptoms of schizophrenia
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Unformatted text preview: Hallucinations • Auditory • Command (2 nd person) • Running commentary • 3 rd party (people talking about the person) • Thought echo (voices repeating patients thoughts) • Visual • People and animals think – Lewy Body • Other visual hallucinations – illicit drugs The First Rank Symptoms of Schizophrenia are: • Auditory Hallucinations • Voices heard arguing • Thought echo • Running commentary • Delusions of Thought Interference • Thought insertion • Thought withdrawal • Thought broadcast • Delusions of Control • Passivity of Affect • Passivity of Impulse • Passivity of Volition • Somatic Passivity • Delusions of Percept • A primary delusion of any content that has arisen following a real situation...
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Psychosi2 - Hallucinations • Auditory • Command(2 nd...

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