Regulation of heart rate

Regulation of heart rate - o bradycardia : abnormally slow...

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Regulation of heart rate : o Sympathetic division of ANS heart rate stimulated by cardioacceleratory center in medulla oblongata o Parasympathetic division of ANS (vagus nerve): decreases heart rate stimulated by cardioinhibitory center in medulla oblongata o hormones : epinephrine & norepinephrine : increases heart rate thyroxine : slow sustained increase in heart rate o ions : calcium, sodium & potassium - heart rate abnormalities : o tachycardia : abnormally rapid heart rate (> 100 beats/min)
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Unformatted text preview: o bradycardia : abnormally slow heart rate (< 60 beats/min) o congestive heart failure (CHF) : abnormally low cardiac output; due to many factors (weakening of heart muscle) Developmental aspects of heart:- pulmonary circuit bypasses due to incomplete lung development in fetus o foramen ovale : sends blood from right atrium to left atrium closes to become fossa ovalis after birth o ductus arteriosus : sends blood from pulmonary trunk to aorta closes to become ligamentum arteriosum after birth PAGE5...
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