Renal drugs Loop diuretics

Renal drugs Loop diuretics - Interactions: increases...

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Renal drugs Loop diuretics Used to reduce peripheral and pulmonary oedema. Can be given IV for acute ventrcular failure causing pulmonary oedema. Furosemide Act by inhibiting NaCl reabsorption in the thick ascending loop of henle. Due to high capacity of this part of nephron to reabsorb, produce significant diuresis. Inhibit Na+/K+/2Cl- cotransporter on luminal membrane to reduce activity of Na+/K+ pumps on the basolateral membrane. Used in acute and chronic heart failure, resistant hypertension and acute kidney injury induced oliguria. Dose/route: Oral 20-80mg, IV for acute pulmonary oedema. Side Effects: Hypotension, HypoK+, HypoNa+, Gout, IGT, HypoCa2+ and HypoMg2+ Contraindications: HypoK+, HypoNa+, anuria
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Unformatted text preview: Interactions: increases toxicity of digoxin, NSAIDs, gentamicin and lithium. Reduces effects of oral anti-diabetes agents. Monitor: U&Es especially K+ may need to give K+ replacement Thiazides Used in tretment of mild heart failure and hypertension (can be first line if black or >55y/o). Reduce Na+ and Cl- reabsorption in DCT. Leads to increased exretion of K+ and H+. Bendroflumethiazide Route/dose : Initially 5-10mg mane PO then reduce dose. Side Effects: dehydration, hypotension, impotence, hypokalaemia, IGT and raised cholesterol Contraindications: HypoK+, HypoNa+, addisons Caution: Can worsen gout, DM or SLE. Interactions : Increases lithium levels. Effects reduced by NSAIDs and oestrogens....
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Renal drugs Loop diuretics - Interactions: increases...

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