Renal drugs - Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors Reduce...

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Renal drugs This article is an overview of drugs that can be used to treat disorders and diseases of the renal system. These treatment regimes are based on UK guidelines. For more information about other regimes consult you local hospital trust. Diuretics Drugs that act on kidneys to increase excretion of sodium chloride and water. This is process is normally controlled by aldosterone and anti-diuretic hormone (vasopressin). Most reduce reabsoprtion of electrolytes, and so water, in the tubules of nephrons. General indications: Reduce oedema e.g. In congestive heart failure, renal disease and liver cirrhosis. Hypertension General Side Effects: Dehydration Electrolyte disturbance Acid-base disturbance Hyperuriceamia/gout
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Unformatted text preview: Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors Reduce bicarbonate reabsorption in the proximal tubule Leads to increased excretion of HCO3, Na and H2O. Increased Na+ delivery to distal nephron also increases excretion of K+. Acetazolamide Used in glaucoma (exerts effects on aqueous humour to reduce intra-ocular pressure). Prophylaxis for altitude sickness. Dose/route: 0.25-1g PO/IV (can cause necrolysis if given IV) Side Effects: GI upset, drowsiness , headache, derranged LFTs, if prolonged use can cause acidosis and electrolyte disturbance. Contraindications: HypoK+, HypoNa+, Hyperchloraemic acidosis, severe liver or renal disease. Monitor: Potassium and glucose especially if IV or high dose....
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Renal drugs - Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors Reduce...

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